Sunday and Monday, January 12-13—Life Is Good

We were up early for church Sunday morning, hearing the second part of a series regarding “what should be” versus “what is” important in one’s life.  We have hear similar sermons before, but the subject is always thought provoking, and more importantly, helps reset one’s priorities.  We returned from church with the intent of Kay washing clothes and my washing the car, but the laundry was fully occupied; we both washed the car, removing road grime from travels to central Arkansas to celebrate Christmas with family, and about 5 inches of rain over a three week period here in the RGV.  Because of all the bare ground in this tropical desert, rain creates road grime like you wouldn’t believe.  We changed into dancing clothes, and met Bessie and Wayne at the Riverside Club, only to find a packed parking lot.  We were directed to a parking lot about a quarter of a mile downstream (of the Rio Grande River), and were shuttled back to the crowded dance hall.  Kay and I danced our way around the large hall looking for table space for 4, and finally found one adjacent to the band stand.  We later found that we were sharing it with a Winter Texan couple who had already had too much to drink.  Consequently, we tried dancing every dance to avoid being around them.  It was warm in the hall, and table waiters were scarce, so Wayne finally bellied up to the bar for our Diet Coke (Kay shared hers with me).  Bessie wanted to leave by 3:30 PM to watch the NFL playoffs, and we all bailed out after an hour or so of dancing—just about right.  140117 E 007Kay christened her new bowl today at happy hour as we joined neighbors at the palapa.  She has become quite an artist with the with the lathe, and her newest creation is definitely a work of art.  Finally, we watched a couple hours of television to end the day—Downton Abbey, of course!  

Kay left for exercise about 8:15 AM Monday morning, followed by more work on her newest segmented bowl creation.  Al picked me up for golf just after Kay left for exercise, and we played a very slow 18 holes at Cimarron.   It was the slowest round I have ever played, mainly because a fivesome was in front of a foursome in front of us, and would not let us play through.  I played better than last week, and had more good shots than bad, but 3-putted too many times.  Oh well, it was still fun.  After golf, Kay had gone grocery shopping, and I rode up to American RV Resort to visit Wayne and Loretta from back home, who had just arrived.  They appeared a little shell-shocked from the quick, near 1000-mile trip to south Texas, and the obstacles always present when traveling after an absence of doing so for several months.  And, one of their two dogs had become terribly ill with diabetes and its side effects, including blindness; they are heartbroken.  When Kay saw that they had arrived, she drove up to see them as well, and we all enjoyed the mini-reunion.  Knowing that they had to finish “settling in”, we left, spent some time at the palapa happy hour, and had a late dinner followed by an hour of television; our television time is way down!  We are waiting for a couple of new motors for the Tailgater satellite dish, and hopefully, when installed they will allow us to resume recording the few shows we really like.

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