Wednesday thru Sunday, August 21-25–TCBY

Home for only 5 days means taking care of business–the motorhome, the house, financial matters, and church–before we leave again.

Wednesday was spent washing and drying the motorhome after its recent 2,600-mile trip, completing unloading, preparing it for some idle time, and attempting a repair on the hood hinge. With higher temperatures than what’ve had experienced in several weeks, an early start during the coolness of morning was necessary. The wash job went quickly, particularly with both of us working. Kay took care of unloading her clothes and the remaining groceries in the pantry and refrigerator/freezer, and preparing the refrigerator/freezer for down time until we use it again. Tire covers were put on to prevent sun damage, but the hood hinge repair failed; Gorilla glue just wouldn’t hold. By the time all these were finished, we were hot and tired. We took advantage of the afternoon for some “personal care” activities and then back home in the chilled air, I worked on photos.

Thursday morning I drove into town to purchase 5-minute epoxy gel for use in another hood hinge repair; this is the adhesive recommended by Lichtsinn RV, the dealership in Forest City, Iowa, where we bought the motorhome. Kay and I spent a couple of hours on Norfork Lake, just floating and drifting alongside the pontoon. After returning home, we mixed the epoxy, applied it to the appropriate surfaces, and clamped the two braces–we’ll see. We used the evening catching up on missed, but saved television programs.

John Simank invited me for fishing the White River on Friday, which I eagerly accepted as I wanted to learn to fish high water. John is the best boat fisher with a fly rod I know, and today proved it again. With varying water discharges and levels, he caught fish when no one else was even getting a bite. I did not fare as well, catching only half a dozen fish. It was hot, and he had prepared a gourmet lunch (mainly for his out of town guests who were fishing with a guide). Friday evening, kay and I joined his guests and he and Sandy for a sumptuous dinner featuring shrimp and scallops smothered in a heavy cream sauce–um good!

We began packing in earnest Saturday morning for our upcoming 12-day trip to Colorado. With checked baggage costing an arm and a leg (actually $25 a bag) and limited to 50 pounds, we are packing conservatively, planning to wash clothes at least a couple times while traveling. But, with a lot of outdoor activities planned, it’s difficult. We took advantage of the warm weather and enjoyed a few hours back on Norfork Lake. The evening just disappeared…

Finally, we were back in church and Sunday school, if only for one Sunday before we leave again. It sure was good hearing Randy preach, and listening to the lively Sunday school lesson about John Wesley, facilitated by Dr. Paul Wilbur. Afterwards, we joined Al and Gaye for an early lunch at Chen’s, one of our favorites. Finishing packing became our priority for the rest of the day.

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