Friday, August 23—Boat Fishing with John

DATE:  Friday, August 23, 2013

TIME:  9:00 AM TO 4:00 pM

WEATHER: Low 90s, sunny

WATER CONDITIONS:  Variable units

LOCATIONS FISHED:  White River, immediately below Bull Shoals Dam

FLIES USED: #14 Superfly, #20 red/silver midge pupa

ROD USED:  9 ‘ 6-wt Winston BII

HATCHES: Midges, occasional caddis

OTHER: John Simank invited me for fishing the White River on Friday, which I eagerly accepted as I wanted to learn to fish high water. John is the best boat fisher with a fly rod I know, and today proved it again. With varying water discharges and levels, he caught fish when no one else was even getting a bite. I did not fare as well, catching only half a dozen fish. It was hot, and he had prepared a gourmet lunch (mainly for his out of town guests who were fishing with a guide). 

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