Tuesday, August 20—Home

130731 WIMI E K 001


We left Rend Lake about 8:00 AM, driving south on I-57, crossing over the Mississippi River at Cairo, Illinois. At Sikeston, Missouri, we left I-57 switching to US Highway 160/US Highway 67, and then just US Highway 67 into Arkansas to US Highway 62. At Imboden, we were in familiar territory, headed west. We arrived home just after 2:00 PM, and fund everything lush after the 13+ inches of rain that fell in the last 5 weeks.

We spent the rest of the day unpacking and getting settled back in to the house.

As previous blog entires stated, we really enjoyed some parts of Wisconsin and Michigan, and found others to blasé. Surprisingly, the ones we enjoyed most were ones with our lowest expectations, and conversely, the ones for which we had the highest expectations proved to be our least favorite. Door County, Wisconsin, was definitely our favorite.

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