Sunday thru Saturday, June 16-22, 2013—Fishin’ and Family

Happy Father’s Day all you dads.

Once again, attendance at the Sunday school class FUMC asked us to co-teach is challenging—only one couple showed up.  Kay is a real trooper, and continues to teach regardless of the number of attendees.  And, she still gives “a full measure” preparing for each class.  In our society, young adults with children in school are so busy and pulled in many different directions—swim meets, softball, baseball, soccer, lake time, vacation, and maybe a little family time thrown in; regrettably, church and Sunday school take on a low priority for most, but not all, young families.

We had a relatively quiet week.  I enjoyed some great wade fishing on the Norfork River Monday through Thursday, getting caught by unscheduled high water (generation) on Monday and having to walk/run downstream to a walk-out point.

We played duplicate bridge on Friday afternoon, and our lack of bidding knowledge proved to be an Achilles heel as we came in last among 10 partnerships.

My Father’s Day present arrived a few days late—Harper and her parents, Jenny and Brian, arrived Friday evening, and we were quite surprised at her amount of growth, increased dexterity, and inquisitiveness.  Obviously, the rest of the weekend was devoted to spoiling her. She has just begun walking and really gained confidence this weekend, walking all over the place.  Saturday saw her “cutting” teeth, and she was stuffy and a bit unsettled, and didn’t take naps when needed!  We all went to the Farmers’ Market in Mountain Home Saturday morning.  She slept when we first arrived at Norfork Lake, and as we motored to a cove, anchored, and her parents swam. 

She did enjoy some time in the lake, but the mandatory PFD appeared to be quite uncomfortable, and combined with her not being 100 percent made for a less than happy time for her.  And, Saturday evening, she could/would not go to sleep, and I ended up walking her around the house while Jenny and Brian walked and had the traditional s’mores; Harp wanted her mom! She finally went to sleep, with her parents, about 11:00 PM, and that’s the way we ended the blog week.  Despite not feeling well, she was a good baby and had lots of happy time with DD and KK.

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