Sunday thru Saturday, June 9-15, 2013—Spiffing Up The Motorhome

Ridge, Karyn, and Matt left Sunday morning after a very busy weekend.

We returned to Quarry Park and the motorhome for a couple more days of cool weather.  When we arrived, our “neighbors” from Ohio were readying their motorhome to drive back, trying to get ahead of foreboding weather along the way.  We said goodbyes, gave them a contact card, and asked that they call us when they come back to the area.  We enjoyed the rest of the evening sitting under a large oak tree along the river.

Early Tuesday morning we loaded everything that had accumulated over the last 12 days—chairs, grill, propane tank, ice chest, table cloth, satellite dish, hoses, camera tripod, etc.—and stuffed it in the Explorer and Honda, retracted the slides and jacks, emptied the tanks at the dump station, and drove home.  There, we rinsed the tanks, and unloaded the motorhome of clothes, computers, and food as we won’t be “camping” again until late July.  And then, I parked it on its newly leveled pad, having had to add about 8 inches of compacted gravel towards the front axle.  Wow, did it ever make a difference!

After a haircut, we washed and dried the motorhome, readying it for its first waxing.  The rest of the week was spent arduously waxing the roof, back, front, and sides, using two containers of wax in the process.  All in all, it took about 12 hours of hard labor, but it shone like a new penny!

On Thursday and Friday, I played hooky for a part of each day and fished with Ed and John, having a blast in the process.  It’s the first time I’ve fished since November 2012 when water levels never dropped and instead increased to the point that Ed and I could not make it back across the river.  Previously, I hadn’t fished since September 2012, so in effect this was the first time fly fishing in about 9 months!

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