Sunday thru Saturday, June 24-30—More Harper

I got to enjoy Harper and her mom and dad for another half day on Sunday.  She awoke feeling much better after the long night before; “cutting” new teeth is not easy work!  After playing around the house and eating breakfast, she enjoyed the kiddie pool, and loved splashing water everywhere.  Kids really enjoy water, and don’t seem to mind cool water temperatures.  She tried desperately to catch the water drops.  She is such a pleasant baby when she’s not feeling bad.  We were sad to see them leave as we only get to visit with them a few times each year.  We will travel to Memphis on July 27 to help celebrate her first birthday a few days early, and are already looking forward to seeing them again.  She and her mom make a pretty picture!  I’m sure luck to have beautiful women in my life.

I fished Monday with Ed and John, but the Norfork River was not real kind to us as we struggled to find fish, though we did manage to catch a few.  Here’s a copy of the fishing report.

DATE:  Monday, June 24, 2013
TIME:  8:00AM TO 1:30 PM
WEATHER:  Low 90s, partly cloudy, windy

LOCATIONS FISHED:  Norfork River, Quarry Park Access to Island at Ol’ Charlie’s
FLIES USED:  #14 Weight Fly, #14 cerise San Juan Worm
ROD USED:  Winston 9’ 6-weight Boron
HATCHES:  Midges, sulphurs
OTHER:  I fished with Ed and John.  There’s always trouble when the three of us fish together—entanglements of fishing line, leader, and tippet; casting over another’s line; and lots of long distant releases.  One never knows what will happen, but you can be sure it will always be fun times.

We launched at Quarry Park Access, Ed drove to the White River Access at Norfork and parked the trailer, and Kay shuttled Ed back to Quarry Park.
The Resort Hole produced nothing.  The Long Hole, however, produced at least a fish on every drift.  Ed started out like gangbusters, but the action slowed for him, and I only picked up a few on the Weight Fly.  More and more “guide” boats ended up drifted the Long Hole, and it became too crowded for us.  The pool below the Upper Riffle at McClellan’s to just above McClellan’s proved to be a good area, particularly for John as he pulled at least one fish in on every drift.  We moved further down, and the pool below McClellan’s produced nothing.  The wind really picked up just before noon, and made keeping the boat on a good drift line near impossible.  The pool below Mill Dam Eddy fished very poorly, with only a few fish caught.
Based on past experiences fishing the Norfork with generation, today proved to be a very slow day.

The rest of the week was slow, by our “constantly rushing and staying busy” standards with near 100 degrees Tuesday and remaining hot the rest of the week.  Butterflies were flittering around Tuesday, but slowed down considerably towards the end of the week.  I was able to photograph this female spicebush swallowtail feeding on a nearby lantana.

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