Sunday thru Friday, June 2-7, 2013–More Birds and Butterflies

I returned home Sunday after church and Sunday school, meeting and greeting the “Old Girls” before they departed for home.  Kay is amazing regarding the large number of long-term friendships she enjoys.  After the guests departed, we cleaned house and did laundry, readying the Dunnhill “Bed and Breakfast” for next time.  We enjoy entertaining, and designed our house to accommodate guests comfortably; most say they sleep better at Dunnhill than anywhere.


Back at Quarry Park, we met our new next door neighbors, a moderately young couple from Ohio.  We visited quite a while, and learned that the husband, Scott, has been coming to the area for about 20 years, enjoying great trout fishing in both the Norfork and White Rivers.  While here this week, he hooked and released a 24-inch brown trout; of course, there were no photos, just his mother as a witness!  The wife, Christy, is a birder and our RV sites back up to large trees holding many birds.  She and I enjoyed many conversations about birds, and she was great in identifying them. 


Scott identified the Gray Cat Bird, and it was a noisy bird, singing constantly.  It hung out in a large tree behind our motorhome.

14 E


This red bird sure looked like a Summer Tanager as viewed relatively close through binoculars, but now looks like a young cardinal.  It was the first time we had seen it, and another accompanied it to the small tree behind our motorhome.

39 E


Though we’re “camping”, we return home almost daily to pickup mail, tend to plants, and use the unlimited internet.  As many of you may know, I bought a new HP Windows 8 computer in January to replace the great 2-year old Dell computer with a bad mouse pad.  It was and remains a frustrating experience using the new HP, and particularly using Windows 8.  The HP keyboard is awkward to long-time Dell users, and Windows 8 is totally new and untested (and disliked by most users).  Consequently, I decided to go over to the dark side, and ordered a MacBook Pro, switching to the Apple operating system.  It came in Wednesday afternoon, and was relatively easy to set up.  I was able to transition all the files over to the MacBook Pro by week’s end.  It will require some effort adjusting to new software, file management, and ways of doing things, but it’s got to be better than Windows 8!  By the way, Kay has a really hard time relaxing…yeah, right!  Of course, she has to check up on the grandkids quite often–thank goodness for social media.

13 E


There are several “new to me” butterflies showing up in the park, like this Mourning Cloak (Nymphalis antiopa antiopa)

8 E

 And, we never tire of seeing the Zebra Swallowtail butterfly.

29 E


About mid-week, we received a hint that Ridge and his folks might show up late Friday evening for the weekend.  A call on Thursday confirmed the visit, so Friday morning we secured the motorhome, packed a few things to take home, and left to spend the weekend at the house.  

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