Saturday, March 23, 2013—Homeward Bound

Kay is suffering from a full blown cold.  She slept poorly last night, but did get relief from some allergy medicine Ron had.  We awoke early, already packed and ready to disembark.  The ship docked in New Orleans at 6 AM, and we grabbed a cup of coffee and moved our HUGE roller duffels downstairs, via the elevator.  Fortunately, there was little elevator traffic at that early hour.  We met Ron and Kaden in the dining room, our area of disembarkation.  After about 30 minutes, the door opened and we quickly made our way off the ship, through US Customs and Border Protection, and to the parking lot.  Within a few minutes, we were on our way north out of New Orleans.  Kaden slept the first few hours, having burned the candle at both ends.  For Kay and me, the trip was well worth the money just to watch him experience his first cruise and first time out of the country.  And, he made the most of it.  He’s a great kid, good looking, and meets people easily.  We’re quite pleased to be his grandparents!

We arrived at Ron’s at 3 PM, after an 8 hour drive, dropped him and Kaden off, picked up a few things left from last weekend, and departed for home.  The temperature kept falling, and coming from 82 degrees every day, temps in the 40s were cold!  Some snow was still on the ground near Mountain View, remaining from the 6 inches that fell Thursday.  We arrived home at 6:15 PM, and Kay went to bed immediately, glad to home in her own bed.

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