Friday, March 22, 2013—At Sea, Again

130317_E-2Last night we sailed through a strait separating Mexico and Cuba, and connecting the Caribbean Sea with the Gulf of Mexico.  Some passengers were able to see the lights of Cuba as we sailed through. The seas became a bit rougher, and we awoke shortly after 6 AM gently rocking back and forth. Kay began suffering from head stuffiness before bed last evening, and awoke with more of the same and a ferocious backache. She rarely complains about not feeling well, so I’m a bit concerned.

Coffee and pastries were delivered at 7:15 AM, and we enjoyed a leisurely early morning catching up with US news on CNN.  Fruit and cottage cheese completed my breakfast on the aft end of the ship, but Kay didn’t eat anything.  After returning to the room, she dressed for the spa, hoping the warm jets of water would soothe the backache. I remained in the room, working on the blog for the week having tired of the cruise; it must be time to go home for a while.130318_E-5

Only a few photos were taken today, so the one below is of Kay in Cozumel, our first port of call.

A slow morning was followed by a light lunch, as we’re saving ourselves for lamb shanks tonight. And then, we “rested” from all the eating, etc. this week.

Kay is continuing to not feel well (she says she is not feeling bad, just not good), and we spent the afternoon in our cabin, filling out departure papers.

130317-4Dinner in the formal dining room tonight was the long awaited lamb shanks, and they were excellent. Our waiter brought us additional servings of the lamb, and then brought us several desserts, though we had only order one each.  And knowing we liked the chocolate flourless cake, he brought us several servings of it.  WOW!  Fortunately, we don’t eat like this very often.  Next week, I’ll be back on Weight Watchers.

Our entertainment tonight featured the Navigator of the Seas orchestra and starred comedian Ross Bennett and sports acrobats Duo Claudio, both excellent.  Also, skits were performed by the Activities staff, making jokes about life on a cruise ship.  This is our last night on board, with scheduled arrival in New Orleans at 6 AM and hopeful departure towards home at 7 AM.

NOTE:  We have been talking about a Baltic cruise, visiting England, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia, and Estonia; this cruise has been on our bucket list a long time.  During our current cruise, we’ve taken advantage of opportunities to speak to and ask questions of staff and other passengers about various cruises, and the Baltic is the #1 choice.  Our head waiter recommended the cruise as his top choice, and suggested that we travel in early June, mainly to take advantage of relatively clear weather and long daylight hours.  His recommendation and suggestion was seconded by our lunch waiter, Nona, from Belarus, a part of the former Soviet Union. So, if the good Lord’s willing, maybe we’ll cruise the Baltics in June 2014. Wanna go with us?  

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