Sunday through Saturday, March 24-30, 2013—HARP

130330_E-23Kay came down with the CRUD on the next to last day of the cruise, but she never complains, and made the drive home from New Orleans, via Benton, coughing almost the whole way.  Our weather is pretty funky at home this spring, and as evidence a 6-inch snow fell at our house while we were cruising, but it had almost all melted by the time we arrived home.  During the week, Kay was in recovery mode, but is a quick healer.  130330_E-16She was called for jury duty on Tuesday for a murder trial, but enough jurors were seated such that she didn’t have to report. We had decent weather part of the week, and I worked outdoors a couple of days, burning some brush piles and killing weeds.  We discovered a leak in the driver’s side window in the motorhome during recent rains, and I undertook a major repair after calling our Winnebago dealer in Forest City, Iowa, for instructions as to how to remove molding separating the window from the windshield.  On Saturday, we drove to Memphis and spent a few hours with Jenny, Brian, and Harper Ann.  She has grown a bunch and is very mobile.  We go to Costco while we’re in Memphis, and Saturday was no exception.  Harper Ann got all dressed in warm and snuggly clothes, and accompanied us to the store.  She loves shopping, so the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree; she’s like her mother in that respect. 

On the drive back from Memphis, we stopped at Sam’s Club in Jonesboro and picked up a couple of 6-volt batteries for friend and neighbor Wayne who has installed a large solar system on their motorhome.

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