Sunday, February 24, 2013—Arts In The Park

Another Sunday, another great sermon.  Pastor Duke preached the final sermon on his series on loving relationships.  We are going to miss this church and his sermons when we return home!

As is typical, we stopped for a breakfast sandwich at McDonald’s, and drove to Costco’s to see what new merchandise had arrived, and to pick up a few groceries, including a PFD for our young grandkids; we’re hoping for some lake time this summer.

Back at BPVRV Resort, we walked through the displays of crafts and art done this winter at the resort.  It is amazing the extent of talent that exists here, and it covers the full gambit. The second photo shows two retired mechanical engineers flying a simulator.  They built several of the radio controlled airplanes shown in the photo.  One asked me if I knew the difference between a mechanical engineer and a civil engineer (I’m a civil engineer).  When I replied in the negative, he said civil engineers build targets and mechanical engineers build weapons! The barrel racer cowgirl is a “puzzle” built from many intricate pieces of different kinds of wood.  There were many other crafters and artists just as good who did not display.




Lin, Tom, Karen, and Warren came by to finish their weekend in the RGV, and we all drove to the Riverside Club for music, dancing, and food; Al and Sharon Crawford from the resort joined us, and we had a ball on the banks of the Rio Grande River, though the music was not as good as it had been on previous visits.

By the time we were finished, Kay and I were wiped out; she watched the Academy Awards and I went to bed—early.

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