Monday, February 25, 2013—Slowing It Down, RGV Style

We effectively begin our last week tomorrow, and are dragging our feet and making preparations to leave. This has been an incredibly great winter for us, but has gone by entirely too fast. We are immensely enjoying the weather, except for the wind; gusts of over 50 miles per hour occurred today. 120211_Salineno-58As a consequence, there was little outdoor activity, allowing us to slow down.  Jerry Smith dropped by late this afternoon and invited me to tag along with Karen and him to Salaneno for some birdwatching; specifically, we would target the Hooded Oriole, a bird I did not have on this year’s list, though the photo shows one we saw last year.

This being Monday, we did play Court Whist this evening. This is a game that I immensely enjoy, though. Kay much prefers bridge.

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