Saturday, February 23, 2013—BBQ and Dance

Today is our big BPVRV Resort BBQ and dance.  We had already left last year when the this event took place.

Our morning was kind of lazy, though Kay cleaned the RV while I regenerated the RV water softener.  The regeneration proved to be a debacle as I poured out the water softening media accidentally while trying to make room for the table salt, spending the next hour or so making amends and cleaning up the mess.

130223_EKay walked over to the clubhouse grounds early to reserve a table in the shade, and we joined up with neighbors Al, Sharon, Wayne, Bessie, Chuck, and Sue (standing)  to enjoy the early afternoon activities.

Lin, Tom, Karen, and Warren arrived mid-afternoon, and after a brief visit, we all got BBQ brisket, baked beans, and potato salad, with all the trimmings.  The food was quite good. After allowing some time for digestion, we danced to the sounds of Roland Garcia, Jr. our favorite country western performer in the RGV.

After a full day, we said our goodbyes to Lin, Tom, Karen, and Warren shortly after 6:00 PM, and Kay and and I watched TV the rest of the evening.

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