Friday, February 22, 2013—Mexico and No Passport

130222_EAfter a quiet few days, yesterday began a whirlwind several days for us. Today we met Lin, Tom, Karen, and Warren for a trip to Progresso, Mexico. We enjoy going to Progresso, always buying a few things, including some meds, and having lunch. After a couple hours of shopping, we walked to Arturo’s for lunch, and had great Mexican food. As we were finishing our meal, Karen remarked that she had to dig out her passport; Kay and I looked at each other with dropped jaws, both realizing at the same time that we had forgotten our passports. After a short panic attack, we figured the worse case basis would be a severe lecture by customs agents, and a long wait while the others went to retrieve our passports.

We left the restaurant and picked up a few remaining items from the store across the street, and began the dreaded walk to the border. There are two lines for exiting Mexico to the US, one is a seemingly fast line outside and the other line is inside, both for those with passports. Assuming the worst, we got in the line for the inside check station, figuring we would be interrogated in an office.  The lines seemed to move faster than usual, and before we knew it we were at the guard station. Kay gave her drivers license to the agent and said, “We don’t have passports.” He exclaimed, “You don’t have passports!”  Realizing her faux pas, I quickly said we had passports but had forgotten them. He asked Kay for her birthday, punched in a few numbers and signaled for her to go on through. I gave him my drivers license and he again punched in some numbers and waved me through as well. I whispered to Kay to not say anything, and keep moving until we got into the public area. That may have been the fastest we’ve ever walked across the border. Anyway, all is well that ends well. We said our goodbyes, and drove to Costco for gasoline, while Lin, Tom, Karen, and Warren drove to their motel.

We arrived back at BPVRV Resort just in time for happy hour at which much discussion continued about the future of the resort.

The Coin CollectionOur Friday night entertainment was The Coins, Andy and Brenda.  While they traveled with country-western stars. Some time ago, they now split their time between Branson and the Rio Grande Valley. They were okay, but our poorest entertainers to date.

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