Thursday, February 21, 2013—Birding and the BIG Meeting

It’s Thursday, and that means it’s birding day. We convoyed the short distance to Anzalduas Park, about 7 miles from the resort. Anzalduas Park is ust upstream of an International Boundary Commission dam on the Rio Grande River. We ended with 55 species with the
best being great looks at the Peregrine Falcon, Wood Stork and Yellow-headed Parrot; the pair below were looking for a nesting site. 


Jerry and Karen Smith, our “bird club” leaders, announced that this was their last year at BPVRV Resort as they had bought a place in another resort in the RGV, but not too far away.  As full timers this will give them a place to store personal things during their spring, summer, and fall travels—a place to call home base.  We are very happy for them and though we will miss them in our resort, we look forward to spending many days afield in the future looking for birds.

The “big” Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort meeting began at 1:30 PM today, but the auditorium was full shortly after 1:00 PM.  Mike Rhodes, owner and CEO of the corporation that owns the resort opened the meeting, giving a brief bio and his vision for the Bentsen Palm development.  Richard Parker, whose management firm has been hired to manage operations, future development, and sales at Bentsen Palm properties provided an outline of their plans for the future.  Speculation among resort residents was that “super” sites, 31 in all, would be placed on the market for sale for about $25,000, with some shuffling of displaced renters.  Much to everyone’s surprise, ALL lots were listed for sale (except for some of the less desirable one which will be made available for marketing), with prices beginning at over $40,000, with some near $100,000 with attendant “condo” fees of just less than $200 per month.  Virtually everyone in attendance was in shock.  Needless to say, that was the topic of happy hour at the palapa, with much speculation about who would go, who would stay, etc.—certainly unsettling to say the least.  Kay and I will be formulating our plans for next winter in the coming days, after we look/inspect other RV parks in the area.

130221_EWe returned dinner favors to Bessie and Wayne Nickerson from Nova Scotia who entertained us last week with fish cakes, beans, etc. Kay’s chicken enchiladas, refried beans, and Mexican rice were a real treat and quite tasty.  We have immensely enjoyed getting to know Bessie and Wayne this year, and look forward to next year with them even though they are moving to another resort up the road.  We, for sure, will take dancing lessons together.

Kay and I wrapped up the evening washing dishes, ending a very stressful day.

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