Monday through Wednesday, February 18 through February 20, 2013—Cards and Catching Up

It’s Monday, and everyone remains on pins and needles, awaiting information to be presented in the big meeting on Thursday, February 21, concerning the future of Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort, and whether or not we will be able to even rent here next year, and if so, if we’ll still be able to remain at the same site. This has been the winter home for some of our Canadian friends for many years, and the uncertainty has caused significant discomfort.  Consequently, most BPVRV Resort residents were in bit of a depressed state, and there was not a lot of activity.  And, to make things worse, at least for us, the pool heater has been in a state of disrepair for over two weeks now, and at 70 degrees is a little cold for us.  We were able to play Court Whist tonight, and had a blast, though neither of us won.

Tuesday was much the same as Monday, and folks again were still kind of sluggish, awaiting word on the future of the park.  We played party bridge in the evening, and my streak of really bad hands continued, though Kay was the big winner, taking home all the money.

Again, Wednesday was just like Monday and Tuesday.  The pall hanging over the resort and its future is definitely noticeable—otherwise, not too much is going on.

Several photos of us have been posted to the resort’s Facebook page, all taken by Beverly, our resort photographer, and I am copying them below.  The first photo was taken at the Valentine’s Dance, the others at another dance in the resort.

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