Sunday, February 16, 2013—Derby days at BPVRV Resort

130217_EEWe have “lived” here long enough now to have established a weekly and daily routine, including Sunday. On Sundays, We typically awake early enough to read e-mail and newspapers online, shower and dress for early church (in our case, we attend the 9:00 AM Praise and Worship service. After church, we grab breakfast, usually fast food, and drive to Costco for their 10:30 AM opening for gasoline and shopping. By the time we get back to BPVRV Resort, it’s close to 12 noon.  And then, we have the afternoon for bicycling, bird watching, butterflying, etc.130217_E

Today, BPVRV Resort celebrated its first Derby Days, complete with stick horses and beautiful hats for the ladies and Al Crawford, our good friend.130217_E-6

The races consisted of “riders” on stick horses lined up at the “starting” gate, a chalk line on the pavement.  And then, based on the roll of a large pair of dice, riders took a step toward the finish.  For example, a pair of really large dice were thrown and if the numbers “2” and “5” came up, riders “2” and “5” take one step toward the finish line.  This was continued until a rider crossed the line and won.  Of course, my favorite jockey was Kay, but she didn’t finish in the money.






130217_E-2Bets were made, and the betting line was quite long. We all had a great time and it appears that this will become an annual event as it proved to be very popular and well attended.

Afterwards, our neighbors in Circle 3 gathered at the palapa for happy hour.  Kay and I then retired to the coach for a much needed quiet evening.

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