Saturday, February 16, 2013—The Beginning of the End of a Great RV Resort?

I helped next door neighbor Lorna this morning set up Picasa on her computer for cataloging and editing photos, and for emailing them to family and friends.  Lorna is an excellent birder and amateur lepidopterist (butterflyer), and had been having problems emailing photos from Kodak Easyshare.  Regrettably, Kodak no long supports this software, so she opted for Picasa.

An email from Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort was sent out to resort residents this morning inviting us to a meeting on Thursday afternoon.  Preceded by an emailed survey, speculation is running high among resort residents as to what will be said at the meeting.  Some believe the park may be changed to accommodate more park models, others believe that lots may be sold, and others believe that residents will be given a chance to lock in a long-term commitment to reserve a site at a fixed price—only time will tell.  My view is that Kay and I have lots of choices, and after collecting all the information we want/need, we’ll decide what to do.  Frankly, I do not see any significant changes for next year, except for rate increases.  We’ll keep you posted, but fully anticipate having reservations for here again next year! 

New England Fish Cakes with Beans N' Tartar Sauce RecipeWayne and Bessie Nickerson from near Lunenburg, Nova Scotia invited us over for a traditional Nova Scotia “fish cakes and beans” dinner; Bessie has been cooking this scrumptious meal all her life and was fortunate to find salted cod down here in the RGV.  Our meal tonight consisted of fish cakes, beans, and salad, a meal I had several times during our September visit to the Maritime Provinces with John and Sandy Simank.  As a side note, many Canadians have beans for breakfast as a side dish to accompany eggs, ham, sausage, bacon, and even pancakes.

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