Sunday, December 2, 2012—Not a Good Day for Kay

We were invited to breakfast today at Furr’s, and rode with Paul and Lorna, our next door neighbors.  Furr’s formerly was a cafeteria where one would go through the line selecting a salad, meat, sides, bread, and drink, much like Franke’s in central Arkansas.  Recently, however, Furr’s has gone to buffet style service similar to Golden Corral.  Anyway, the food was plentiful and good.  I had salad, scrambled eggs, yogurt, and granola—a buffet is wasted on me right now.

We returned early enough to hand wash the RV and car.  Neither was very dirty, but we wanted clean windows and removal of all the bugs before they baked on in the Texas heat.

After we finished, I headed for the hot tub to offset any aches and pains from the wash job, and Kay remained back at the motorhome for a nap.  After a half hour or so, she was getting on her bicycle to bring me a key to motorhome, and fell flat on her face on the left side.  She busted her eyebrow and had a huge bruise and swelling below the left eye. Fortunately, our neighbors saw the accident and were there to assist—one is a retired fire fighter and another is a retired veterinarian.  They insisted she go to the emergency room.  We quickly drove to the Mission regional medical facility ER. 121202_E02 The doctor asked what happened, then asked if she was wearing a helmet.  When she responded negatively, he asked her why and she responded that it messed up her hair. We were really impressed with the quality of medical treatment from top to bottom.  It was thorough and quick, considering the circumstances.  Financial arrangements for payment was their last priority!  Fortunately for us, the hospital is not far from our resort.  After cleaning the wounds, they did a brain scan and Kay does have one!  Seriously, she escaped with no concussions or broken bones.  They glued the eyebrow cut closed, and gave instructions to use an ice bag periodically to keep the swelling down.  Obviously, we spent a quiet evening in the coach. We’ll both wear our bicycle helmets from now on.

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