Saturday, December 1, 2012—And the Living is Easy

Bentsen Palm Village, McAllenThis is our first official day at Bentsen Palm Resort RV Park, and the weather is cooperating beautifully, with highs in the mid-80s and lows in the high 60s.  We’re almost back to a normal routine with coffee, email, and the news and weather first thing in the morning.  We went to the clubhouse at 9:00 AM for coffee and pastries (too many points for those of us on Weight Watchers).  The crowd was pretty sparse but some 40 RVs are expected in today.  We kind of like it quiet, but it’s fun when all the spaces are full, too.

Kay made a short trip to the grocery store and ran the car through an automatic carwash to remove most of the towing grease, grind, and dirt.  Though not totally clean, it sure looked better!

We got to exchange roles today, and welcome new arrivals, particularly those parking in Circle 3.  Otherwise, it was a pretty calm day.

After “palapa time” and dinner, we played card bingo, and I won the very first round—a total of $1.90, whereupon Kay immediately “borrowed” $0.40.  Consequently, I brought home less money than I took!

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