Monday, December 3, 2012—Hanging of the Greens and Making Things Out of PVC

After our coffee, email, and morning walk, we decorated for Christmas, hanging a wreath on the inside of the front windshield, complete with lights, etc.  We even have a plug in the headliner.  We also ran lighted garland along the bottom of the windshield to complete the look.  Perhaps I can get a night photo!

121204_E04After a brisk morning walk and a scrambled egg sandwich, I set to work making an RV ladder clothes line and a bicycle stand, both out of PVC.  We saw these being used extensively this past winter here in the RGV, and pulled a similar design off the internet.  We bought the materials at home, and cut the PVC in our shop a couple of days before we left.  The rear of our coach is bathed in sun most of the day, and the ladder clothes line will be quite effective, especially for towels and swimsuits.  121204_E05And with the wind blowing here, particularly in the afternoons, the bike stand will keep the bicycles upright, without constantly blowing over. Last year it was a chore finding a dry place, out of the wind, to “park” Kay’s bicycle, and oftentimes it would be in the middle of our access to the patio.  We’re anxious to see how this particular design will work as it’s different than most of those used down here.

As usual, we joined in the conversation at the palapa shortly after 4:00 PM.  The mosquitos have been especially bad this year, and we dug out the Thermocells and after about 5 minutes, the area was clear of those pesky insects.ThermaCELL Cordless Portable Mosquito Repellent Appliance (Olive)

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