Tuesday, November 6, 2012—The Rally Begins

We were up early this morning to prepare the first of three breakfasts for the rally attendees. Kay made several varieties of breakfast pizza—one with pork sausage, one with ham, and another with no meat—and it was served with fruit cups, juice, and other assorted accompaniments.

After cleaning up from the breakfast meal, Kay and I facilitated a roundtable discussion titled "Places and Spaces". Attendees took turns talking about places that they had visited and particularly liked, and even some that they didn’t like, and spaces, i.e. RV parks, where they had parked their motorhomes.  There was a good discussion, and several places in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and in the Pacific Northwest were highlighted. Kay has prepared a summary of this discussion for inclusion in the Arkansas Travelers newsletter, Hog Wash.

Following the roundtable discussion, we were back in the kitchen to prepare chili for the evening meal.  Bruce made turkey chili, and Kay and I made beef chili.  After getting the chili in the crock pots, Kay went with several other ladies to town for a shopping trip, and I drove to the dentist in Calico Rock for preparatory work for a crown.

The numbness from the dental visit wore off just in time for happy hour, and we got to visit briefly with friends before time to make final preparations for the evening meal. 121105_E06With chili, cheese, onions, crackers and/or Fritos, and coleslaw, everyone enjoyed a great evening main course; of course the meal would not have been complete without desserts, and we had a table full of scrumptious sweets, including cakes, pies, cookies, and other delectable treats. It’s no wonder we’re a country full of obese and diabetic seniors!

Again, a robust game "31" followed, but we were too tired from preparing meals and cleaning up to participate.

We both retired early for the evening and were in bed at 8:30 PM.

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