Wednesday, November 7, 2012—Another Busy Kitchen Day

We awoke early this morning, and after a quick shower walked over to the rally room to turn on the coffee pot and begin preparation for yet another meal.  Running a kitchen for 29 people is not my idea of fun time RVing!  Nevertheless, I began the process of making sawmill gravy, milk gravy with ground pork sausage, and biscuits, complete with butter and jelly. These were served with juice and other accoutrements. The biscuits and gravy were popular, as were buttered biscuits with jelly.

121107-9Following cleanup Kay and I facilitated another roundtable discussion, with the subject this time regarding useful tools, gadgets, techniques, and other items that make RVing easier. Again, there was great discussion with lots of helpful hints and gadgetry presented.

With a few hours of free time before setting up for and preparing the evening meal, 121107_E16Bruce, Jeannie, Kay, and I drove to Blanchard Springs where we viewed Blanchard Springs coming out of the side of the mountain, Mirror Lake, the camping areas, the swimming hole, and the natural amphitheater. We found several camping sites that would accommodate a 35+ foot motorhome with the slides extended.  It had been some time since we had seen the amphitheater, and didn’t remember it’s magnitude.  It is so large that Bruce is hardly visible in the photograph, and is, in fact, overwhelmed by both the opening and the bluff.  Though the leaves have peaked, there was enough color left on the trees for beautiful views.

We had lunch at the cafe in Fifty Six, Arkansas, and returned to the campground after this brief respite to begin preparations for the evening meal.

Our dinner tonight consisted of jambalaya and white beans prepared by the campground owner, and salad, garlic bread, and other accoutrements, followed by desserts filling a complete table. The jambalaya was bland, and lacked enough meat, but it was okay; the beans were good.121107_E18

Games of cards followed, but neither of us played, choosing instead to visit wit other RVers.

It was another early bedtime for us tonight.

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