Monday, November 5, 2012—The Start of a Busy Week

The Egg McMuffins from McDonald’s were quite tasty; we live in a town so small that the nearest McDonald’s is about 15 miles away.  Consequently, when we are in larger towns or cities we splurge occasionally and have breakfast from McDonald’s.

We connected with Bruce and Jeannie, and completed our shopping for rally meals at the local Harps, and at Walmart.  Harps must be relatively new, because it was small and grossly understocked—not at all what we’re used to in Mountain Home. Nevertheless, we got most of the items we wanted there, and stopped at Walmart to complete our shopping. After lunch the RVs began rolling in, setting up, and establishing their short-term residence.  While we had seen several of the couples at the rally in April in Fayetteville, Arkansas, we had not seen quite a few since July 2011, and it was good renewing old acquaintances.

A guest couple, visiting from Massachusetts, wanted to attend the bluegrass festival while in Mountain View but did not have tickets. Accompanied by Bruce, I drove him to the Ozark Folk Center to purchase tickets, and we made a circuitous route up Arkansas Highway 5 north to Arkansas Highway 14 west and then Arkansas Highway 87 south back to Mountain View; the fall colors were spectacular as we drove through the hills and mountains of the Ozarks.


Though the rally does not begin officially until tomorrow morning, our happy hour and potluck of heavy hors d’oeuvres kicked off the week’s events. A robustly contested game of "31" followed.

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