Tuesday, October 2, 2012—Fly Fishing Fair Attendees Rolling In

Quarry Park is beginning to fill, as many folks who plan to attend the Federation of Fly Fishers Southern Council Fly Fishing Fair in Mountain Home plan to camp at the park—some bring tents, most use pop-up tent campers, others pull their travel trailer, a few haul 5th wheel trailers, and some bring motorhomes—pretty typical of the camping population in general.  Typically, about a 1,000 fly fishers and tyers register for the event, though only a small number of those camp.  However, as one of only two public accesses on the Norfork River, it means that the river is packed each day leading up to the fair, through the fair itself, and then a few days afterwards.  Consequently, I try not to fish among the crowd.

TLBC Christmas Party 2008 019Kay and I love dogs and cats, thought we are now pet less with the passing of Jelly Bean a few years ago (the picture is going to make us cry).  As many of you know, she and Trouble, my Brittany, were important members of my family, and came with me when Kay and I married.  Anyway, I digress. It seems a large number of RVers have pets, and most are well-behaved (pets, that is).  However, there are always a few in every park that believe the rules to keep dogs leashed apply only to the neighbors, and not themselves.  A 5th wheel pulled in right next, and the folks were quite noisy setting up.  And then, I saw the lady and she was a spitting image of one of my dad’s many caretakers—the one who, with her daughter, stole unmercifully from him; she had done “time” previously, and that’s another story.  The fact to use with a yapping dog.  They would tie the dog to the picnic table and every time we went outside, the dog would start yapping.  After they got set up, the dog moved to inside the trailer and every time the door would open the dog was gone, dashing from one camp site to another, sniffing BBQ grills, peeing on everything sitting around, etc.  Most of our other neighbors complained, but to no avail.  Oh well, just another pitfall of staying in a public campground.

Kay was out of pocket most of the morning, visiting the beauty shop.  I hung around the RV, trying to catch up on things. We (mostly me) were suffering from lack of high speed internet access and wanted to watch some recorded television shows.  We spent the evening at our house, driving back to the campground for sleeping. Yeah, it’s getting time to pack up and head for home.

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