Monday, October 1, 2012—A Month of Birthdays, and a Plethora of Other Appointments

Our time here at Quarry Park is coming to a close, and it’s time—we have a LOT of other obligations this month: a meeting with our financial advisor, 4 birthdays, one 50th wedding anniversary celebration, a motorhome windshield leak repair, 4 Crossroads Praise Team practices, 4 4 + 1 Quartet practices, one RV rally, and 4 Sunday’s of Sunday school (Kay is facilitating a series on “Boundaries”); other than these few things we have pretty much a free month.  We always seem to allow our calendar to get too full!  The silver lining is that we get to see our kids and grandkids at some of these events.
ASs Kay and I were walking this morning, we saw Dr. Sam Bailey and Duane Hada driving to the Quarry Park access to fly fish the Norfork River.  Sam is our former pastor and Duane is one of the best fly fishing guides in the business as well as a great artist.  We visited briefly, and Duane asked if I could shuttle him to the confluence, and of course I did.
After returning we had breakfast, caught up on a few things in the motorhome, and left for a meeting in town.  We returned to the motorhome, then drove back into town for Crossroads Praise Team practice, and back to Quarry Park to end the day.  Whew…  See what I mean?  Time to quit camping.

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