Wednesday, October 3, 2012—Our Last Day at Quarry Park

More and more RVs are arriving, and the sites along the river and on the opposite side of the road are almost all occupied though there are still some 30-amp sites near the highway.  We really don’t like it this crowded as campground traffic increases, noise increases, people tend to get in each other’s way, visitors pack the parking lots and roadsides, making driving a bit hazardous, etc.
121002_EB01We enjoyed a last walk around the park, and a couple of bicycle rides.  Fishers are packing the river, lined up almost as far as the eye can see, and I finally got a photo. 
Our last full day is today, as we have an appointment tomorrow with Mountain Home Glass to repair the leaking windshield they replaced a few weeks ago. Consequently, we spent some of the day packing up things for home, and getting the motorhome ready to travel.  Because we’re so close to the house, camping at Quarry Park lends itself to returning home often to do normal maintenance, keeping our usual routine in terms of schedules and appointments, and otherwise doing what we would do if staying at the house.  It really makes camping less fun as most of our time is already committed.  Another lesson learned; we’ll have to go further to get our camping fix!
As is becoming the case, we returned to the house for the rest of the evening, but will come back to the campground tomorrow morning to pick up the motorhome for delivery to Mountain Home Glass. 

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