Wednesday, September 5, 2012—Off Again, Another Life List Trip

This marks our first blog entry for an 11-day trip to the Maritime Provinces—Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick—another of our life list trips. We had intended to drive the RV and spend several weeks, but our schedule enabled us to fly, drive, and stay in B&Bs and hotels, and to be accompanied by good friends, John and Sandy from Memphis. And the cost for the trip is about equal to what the cost of gasoline alone would have been in the RV.

We packed, and because of all the stuff we’re taking (we over pack for every trip), we will have to check two bags at the cost of $25 each. I find this offensive, but a necessary evil of flying in this day and age. We departed Norfork this afternoon, driving to Maumelle to visit with Ridge and his parents. (Gasoline is over $.20 per gallon cheaper in central Arkansas than in Baxter County.) We watched him do all his new tricks, and Kay fed him rice and vegetable lasagna with a spoon–not bad for a 10 month old!

We must have the smartest grandkids–Kaden, Ridge, and Harper Ann–of all time. Imagine that! We kind of feel sorry for other grandparents. After a couple of playful hours, we left, had dinner ("healthy" tacos from Taco Bell that dripped all over my clothes) and drove to the Holiday Inn Airport for our overnight accommodations. By spending the night at the Holiday Inn, we are allowed to park our car there for the duration of our trip. The cost of the hotel room is more than offset by what would have been the cost of airport parking.

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