Wednesday, August 29, 2012—Kayaking the White River, Red’s Landing to Chesmond Access

120829_Erev01After loading the kayaks yesterday afternoon, we drove to Red’s Landing on the White River below Norfork, Arkansas, to meet Ed and Ellen for a float to Chesmond Access, just upstream of Calico Rock, Arkansas.  After unloading the kayaks, Ed, Ellen, and I drove to Calico Rock to leave two cars with kayak carriers, and the three of us rode back to Red’s Landing to meet back up with Kay.  We readied the kayaks with food, water, sun screen, PFDs, and other paraphernalia for the float. 120829_E01

The weather was awesome, with mild temperatures, cloudless skies, and little wind.  In addition, water conditions were just about perfect with enough depth and velocity to prevent dragging and allow a reasonable speed downstream.

We stopped at the confluence of Moccasin Creek for a break, eating a fruit snack and rehydrating. As we neared Chesmond Access, we saw the small creek, Mill Creek, on the right descending side of the channel that I had seen in a boat ride with Bill a few weeks earlier.  What grabbed my attention was a small rock bluff on the left descending side of the creek, barely visible from the White River, though not rocky areas were observed on the banks of the big river in the vicinity of the creek.  We paddled the kayaks into the canopied creek some 50 yards, exited them, and began wading upstream, examining the bluff, wildflowers, and ferns along the way120829_E04120829_E06120829_E03


120829_E07This side trip was awesome! The first two photos are of wildflowers along the creek bottom.  The next is of me, Ellen, and Ed, followed by a photo Ed examining the maidenhead ferns on the dripping bluff rock.  Finally, Kay is photographed on her way back to the kayaks.  After spending about 30 minutes here, we continued our paddle downstream to Chesmond Access.

Except for just upstream of Red’s Landing, we did not see another person until arriving at Chesmond Access.  This was a great trip with great friends, and everything was just about perfect.

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