Saturday, March 3—Arkansas and Ridge

Anxious to get to central Arkansas to see new grandson, Ridge, we tried to depart early, but it was 8 AM before we actually got away.  There was a yapping dog next to us, about 75 yards away, that started yapping at 6 AM, and didn’t shut up until about 7 AM.  Don’t get me wrong, we love dogs, but this was ridiculous.  Even with my hearing loss, it was pretty bad!

We arrived at Maumelle Campground, a US Army Corps of Engineers facility, got a site (sloping downhill), set up, and had lunch.

Our site at Maumelle Park, Little Rock, AR
Our site at Maumelle Park, Little Rock, AR


An then, the time we had been waiting for; we were off to see Ridge.  He had grown a bunch in the 6 weeks since we last saw him, getting taller and seemingly thinner.  He could hold his head up, and grinned a lot.  He’s a fine young man.  I took a brief leave of absence to shop at Sam’s Club for some food necessities at home, and it was a mad house.  All the checkout lines were 4 or five deep, and they had even opened the jewelry counter cash register for those with under 10 items.  A fill up of gasoline in the Honda was followed by a much needed car wash, then it was back to the motorhome for some minor repairs; the mirror on the bedroom door closet had come off the track.  I drove back to Kay’s daughter’s house and spent the rest of the evening playing with Ridge, enticing a few giggles out of him,  He is such a pleasant baby.

Tomorrow, we head for home.

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