Sunday, March 4—Home

It was cold this morning, at least for us.  Leaving the Rio Grande Valley with 90 degree temperatures , and then getting up a couple of days later with 37 degrees is a bit of a contrast.  We departed about 8 AM, and were immensely disappointed in US Highway 67, north of Jacksonville, Arkansas.  The surface has deteriorated significantly, and beat the heck out of us most of the way to our turn-off at Bald Knob.  We experienced similar conditions on I-30 yesterday north of Malvern.  We had heard other RVers talk about the poor quality of Arkansas roads, and had to agree that they are among the worst we have ever traveled, including Alaska.  It’s both embarrassing and an outrage, considering the taxes we pay.  If I were king, there would be absolutely no new construction until existing roads were brought up to decent standards.

IMGP0266BWe arrived home about 11:30 AM, once again to find our place big and open, particularly after 7 1/2 weeks in the motorhome; we are so blessed to have the best of both worlds!  We made quick work of unhooking the Honda, unloading it, dumping the tanks in the motorhome, and parking it back in its place.  We spent the rest of the afternoon unpacking; Kay may have taken too many clothes, as evidenced by these HUGE bags, about 2 cubic feet each, of drawer stuff alone, not including the closet.

It’s really good to be home, but we’re both sad as we had a really great trip, and met lots of really nice people.  We’ll have to settle back into a more quiet pace here at home, and a more hectic routine with church, quartet, and other activities.

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