Friday, March 2—Almost in Arkansas

IMG_2499We had another long driving day, 332 miles from La Grange, Texas, to Rocky Point Campground at Wright-Patman Lake near Atlanta, Texas.  It was uneventful and pleasant driving for the most part.  We did find heavily concentrated traffic signals in four cities, including Palestine, Jacksonville, Henderson, and Marshall.  Not only were there plenty of signals, but their cycling time was short, and there was not very much time from the yellow to the red light.  We’ll look for an alternate route next time, and will spend our money elsewhere.

IMG_2505BAt Rocky Point Campground, we were able to get a 50-amp site overlooking the lake.  With a slight breeze, we could hear the water lapping at the shoreline.  Kay loves sunsets, and enjoyed a great one on the shore of Wright-Patman Lake.  What a way to end the day.

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