Sunday, February 26—Flea Market vs House-keeping

Our church service this morning was kind of lame; a Gideon’s representative gave a “short” talk and showed a video, using the bulk of time set aside for the sermon.  I know Gideon is very important in providing Bibles to children and others, though most of their resources goes to providing Bibles outside of the US.  Anyway, the minister did the best he could with the time he had.  For the most part, we have enjoyed attending services there, and will go back when/if we return to the Valley next year.  Because we stay 3 months or less, we’re pretty low on the priority list for Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort, but Kay turned in our reservation form and talked to the manager in her most persuasive voice; we’ll see.  We really like the “300 circle” and have had a ball getting to know our fellow RVers.  We are all about the same age, so we have a lot in common—it’s been a hoot!

After our delayed morning walk and a light brunch, I had the choice of going to the Don Wes Flea Market with Kay or remaining behind to wash and dry clothes and clean the inside of the motorhome—duh, not a tough choice for this homebody.  Kay returned just about the time I finished—a great swap-off any day, if you ask me.

We were the first folks at the palapa tonight, but were soon joined by other neighbors.  As mentioned in a previous blog, we seem to linger longer and longer each evening as most of us are pulling out this week.  Gosh, this winter has flown by, and we definitely have not had time enough to do everything we wanted to do down here.

The Academy Awards are on, so it’s time I take leave of absence and adjourn to the bedroom; Kay will have to watch them alone.

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