Saturday, February 25—Just a Quiet Day

Are we in a rain shower pattern?  We had a brief rain shower this morning, and it hung around off and on until just before lunch.  It kind of set the mood for us today, so we decided to stay around the RV park, and do a bunch of nothing, though we had planned to go to the Don Wes Flea Market and attend a car show with Jim and Cheryl.  We did get our morning walk in between showers, but the otherwise cool and overcast day did not lend itself to our enjoying either the pool or spa.

Late this afternoon and early in the evening, Kay coerced our neighbor to build a fire in one of the firepots near the palapa.  Several people stood or sat around the fire and visited, but the smoke set off my allergies and I returned to the motorhome.Serious birders, Santa Ana NWR  Kay came in later, then went to the clubhouse to play card bingo.

I took advantage of the quiet to sort through the bird siting list from Thursday, 66 birds spotted, in an attempt to identify birds in photographs I had taken, resurfacing this humbling experience.  Many of the birders on this day trip travel all over the world to add to their lists.  The next photo is of Black-necked Stilts (there is a better photo on the web album); their legs are bubble-gum pink in color.


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