Monday, February 27—Butterflies Galore

We have 3 full days left in the Valley, and now it’s rush, rush, rush to get most of the activities done that we set out to do.  Paring down the list to fit the time was difficult, but we are opting to do some things close by:  American Butterfly Association headquarters and gardens, Quinta Mazatlan estate, and watching the parrots roost in Mission.  Today is butterfly day.

With morning rain, there weren’t too many butterflies around, but the rain abated just before lunch and the forecast was for partly sunny skies from about 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM.  We drove to Walmart to buy a gazing ball for our backyard at home, and diverted to a highly recommended tamale place to purchase tamales for lunch; the tamales were excellent!  Tomorrow, they are $10 for two dozen, so we may stock up for home.

IMG_2365BThe butterfly center is just a hop, skip, and jump from Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort.  There were only a couple other people there.  We had taken some Repel “Natural” insect repellent, and liberally applied it before we began exploring the butterfly park.  The mosquitos ate us up, and really liked the Repel “Natural” insect repellent; it didn’t work.  Wanting to also get in some pool and spa time before evening, we returned to the motorhome searching for some real insect repellent as an expedient, but apparently left it at home.  When you’re packing in freezing temperatures, it’s hard to remember that there may be bugs where you’re going.  So, we were off to Walgreen’s for some Deep Woods Off.  And then, it was back to the butterfly gardens.  There were so many species of butterflies that it was overwhelming.  It will take a while to associate names with pictures.  Anyway, here are a few photos, and many more are posted on our web album.







Back at the RV park, we moved to the pool and spa and had a refreshing swim and soak. 

The palapa gathering was an extended one; lots of pre-goodbyes as most are leaving Thursday, and others soon after.  Canadians can only stay in the US up to 6 months in a one year period; otherwise their income is significantly taxed by the US.  Also, there are insurance costs as most Canadians have to take out a supplemental policy for coverage in the US.  It’s complicated, but almost identical to our “new” healthcare laws!

Tomorrow is our next-to-last full day here in the Valley, before departing home.

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