Friday, February 24—An ORR Get Together and Great Music

Yesterday’s wind brought cooler temperatures, overcast skies, and a few sprinkles of rain today.  However, our social calendar is already filled for this afternoon and evening, and we were lazy this morning, allowing it to get away from us.

At 1:00 PM we met a large contingent of Ozark Ridge Runners (a Family Motor Coach Association chapter based in southwest Missouri and northwest Arkansas) at the Riverside Club, just down the road from our RV park, and on the Rio Grande River.  Though not as good as the old Pepe’s, they are know for their pork tenderloin sandwiches, which are about the size of a plate.  Kay and I met several new members and enjoyed the company of two couples from Rogersville, Missouri, and got to spend a few minutes with friends and fellow ORR members, Jim and Sheryl, from Republic, Missouri, near Springfield (we really like them, but don’t get to spend enough time together as we’re in the upper end of the Valley).  Kay and I split a pork tenderloin sandwich and a house salad.  The pork tenderloin had little taste, so we would rate the food as average.  Their entertainment was a singer/guitarist who had been the youngest member of Bill Haley and the Comets.  He had a great voice, but the genre of music he performed, 50’s and 60’s hits, was not the country/western music folks down here prefer.  A few of our Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort “circle” neighbors were there, and Lynn, our next door neighbor on the driver’s side, was kind enough to take a group photo of the assembled Ozark Ridge Runners. 

With the weather cool and threatening rain, we stayed in the motorhome, until early evening, and then departed for Edinburg, Texas, to attend a concert of both the Redhead Express and the Link Family.  The Redhead Express is a family of parents with 4 redheaded young women and 3 preteen boys, all who sing and play music.  They are originally from Palmer, Alaska, but have since moved to Nashville, Tennessee.  The Link Family is a bluegrass, gospel, and evangelizing family from Lebanon, Missouri, whom we saw on February 3, and were very impressed with their talent, particularly the “kids” playing mandolin, guitar, fiddle, and banjo.  We were quite disappointed with the first half of this combined concert; videos showing on the screens adjacent to the stage were out of synch with the performances on stage, and were driving us crazy.  At intermission, the Redhead Express family father mingled with the crowd and asked us what we thought—his mistake!  We told him about the problem, and he said they were unaware the performances were going to be videoed.  We ask him to have them “kill” the video if they could not get it into synch.  He did, and the second half was awesome.  Both families were superb.  I like the bluegrass  and Gaelic music performed by the Link Family best, but the Redhead Express is really, really good when performing their own songs.  If you get a chance to see either of these groups, and they perform in Branson, Missouri, take advantage of it.  We predict the Redhead Express will break into the upper echelon of country western music some day and be chart makers.

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