Fat Tuesday, February 21—Our Palapa Party

Happy Mardi Gras.  Today’s the last day for partying before Lent, though it’s not quite the same as it is in south Louisiana.
This morning, while checking Facebook, I noticed an entry from a fellow RVer here at Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort; I don’t know how he appeared on my Facebook page.  Nevertheless, it was a blessing in disguise—I’ll explain.  On August 2, 2009, Kay and I hiked a short trail along the Savage River in Denali National Park, Alaska.  While there we met a nice couple (Jerry and Karen S.) who were also RVers.  After talking a while, we learned that he, too, had retired from the US Army Corps of Engineers (he worked in the Regulatory Functions area in St. Paul District), that they were birders, and that they wintered at Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort.  At that time, Kay and I had been on the waiting list for Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort since February 2008.  Since our arrival down here on February 1, I had been trying to find him, but couldn’t remember his name, and after trying to describe him to several people, with no luck, had given up.  Now back to story about today about the mysterious person showing up on Facebook.  Well, as fate would have it, I investigated this person, Jerry S., on Facebook, only to discover that he had worked for the St. Paul District, US Army Corps of Engineers.  I provided some personal information on a calling card, and during our morning walk, left it at the door of their RV.  As I recall, he is an avid birder, and an excellent photographer, so we’re anxious to hook up with them.
Kay did the grocery store thing this morning, and thankfully spared me the grim task of having to go.  We had just about emptied the refrigerator of some key items—namely fruit—and were running low on bread.  After her return, we had lunch, and then were off to the pool and spa, a welcome relief from the heat—and no, we’re not complaining, yet.
Kay making a new friend around the pool and spa.  Bentsen Palm Village RV ResortThere was only one lady in the pool, Ellen from Wisconsin.  We met her there when we first arrived, and our times there have coincided many days.  In addition, a new-to-the-resort lady from Iowa stopped by, and of course, Kay began a conversation and found that her husband attended college in Forest City, Iowa, home of the Winnebago factory and where we bought ours.  The college is a private, ultra-conservative liberal arts college, Waldorf.  By the way, the pool and spa are surrounded by attractive flowering plants, and the setting is quite peaceful and serene.
One of many flowers around the pool and spa.  Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort
One of many flowers around the pool and spa.  Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort
After the pool and spa, we began preparations for the annual 300 Circle palapa party.  This became300 Circle palapa party, Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort a much bigger crowd than attends our normal 4:00 PM social gathering.  Kay made a great salmon mousse, and I prepared a cabbage, onion, and tomato slaw.  As the social hour began, the palapa became more and more crowded, and people brought lots of food.  When the burgers began coming off the grill, a line formed for food.  As it continued, we began to wonder if there was going to be enough.  And then, the dessert line began, and it was amazing how much dessert people could put on a plate!  The chocolate desserts seem to go first, and it was interesting to watch people serve themselves, and go back second and third times.
Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort Mardi Gras paradeWe were surprised in the middle of the meal with a Mardi Gras parade around our circle.  If only the kids knew what their parents were doing down here in Texas!
Dinner was followed by Karaoke, and Kay finally got to sing a couple of songs, wowing our RVing neighbors.  I left early as the mosquitos made a meal out of my legs.
It has been another wonderful day in paradise.

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