Monday, February 20—Another Birding Day

Wow, what a difference sunshine makes!  This is two days in a row for us.

About mid-morning, we walked to Bentsen Rio Grande Valley State Park to see if there were any new birds.  There were fewer than the time before, so perhaps they’re beginning to leave for their summer homes—guess they are snowbirds, too!  We didn’t see any chachalacas, and the green jays were pretty skiddish.  There were fewer kiskadees, but more red-winged blackbirds and Altimira orioles than before, and we saw  more golden-fronted woodpeckers today as well.

Green jay, Bentsen RGV State Park

Kiskadee, Bentsen RGV State Park

Golden-fronted woodpecker, Bentsen RGV State Park

Altimira oriole, Bentsen RGV State Park

Altimira oriole, Bentsen RGV State Park

Spring has fully arrived in the Rio Grande Valley, and all the trees have leaved out, and many are blooming, creating for a beautiful landscape in the RV resort.  Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort does a great job taking care of the grounds, despite all the rain we’ve had the last two and a half weeks.

Our time down here, particularly with the extended rain, has been entirely too short, and we’re having to schedule pretty tightly to fit in the high priority items, while some other activities in which we wanted to participated will have to wait…

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