Wednesday, February 22—Harbor Freight, Pool, and Palapa

Beautiful weather continues this Ash Wednesday; we could really get used to this.  Perhaps we should give up bad weather for Lent!  Of course, what’s bad for one might be good for another; one more of life’s conundrums.

Our morning routine is pretty well established by now.  After awaking, we turn on local or national news, have coffee, and read email, catch up on Facebook, and check some internet forums and blogs.  After getting sufficiently up-to-date on public and personal happenings, we’ll have breakfast, and then walk about a mile, disposing of trash and recyclables along the way at the various bins.  By then, it’s mid-morning, and we loosely plan the rest of the day and evening.  It’s a tough life, but someone has to do it!

IMG_2316On our walk this morning, there were some pretty flowering plants along the street that couldn’t resist being photographed.  The RV resort is in full bloom, and everything is greening out.  Here are a couple of the pretty blooms we saw.IMG_2317B

We kind of let the rest of the morning get away from us, but Kay did laundry, and we made a quick trip to Harbor Freight to pick up some band saw blades, available only in the store, and found some other too-good-to-pass-up bargains in the process.  On the way back to the RV resort, we made a quick stop at the mega grocery store, HEB, to restock on food, then drove back to the motorhome.  Today, we whiled away the afternoon, lounging at the pool in the mid-80 degree temperatures, and really enjoyed our social time at the palapa.  Interestingly enough, we seem to meet new-to-us folks at each of these gatherings, and have the most interesting conversations.  As has been written previously, this RV park has a large number of Canadians.  It is the friendliest RV park in which we’ve ever resided.  Many of the Winter Texans here are retired educators.  In our small circle alone, we have former English teachers, a guidance counselor, special education instructors, music teacher and band leader, physics instructor, elementary school teacher, industrial arts instructor, and a driver’s education instructor; there are also engineers, one scientist, a farmer, an electrician, small business owner/operators, information systems specialist, and a city manager.  One thing all of us have in common is a love of traveling.  In fact, Kay and I got so engrossed in conversation with folks that we missed Ash Wednesday service at church.

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