Sunday, February 19—Arts in the Park

IMGP0250BAnother Sunday has rolled around, and we got up a bit early to get to church.  I grabbed a few minutes to work on the blog (yes, it’s a seemingly never ending chore, but one I really like) and Kay snapped this photo, after which we made it to the 9:00 AM church service.  Today’s message focused on being able to “see”, much as the song, “I Saw The Light” talks about.  We really like the minister, though the church is struggling financially.  We feel sure the Winter Texans help a lot with their donations, but it still isn’t enough to keep the budget flush; the church takes in only about 65% of what is needed.

Upon returning to the RV park, we walked, had a large breakfast, and I washed the car.  The mud from all the rain seems to have seeped in all the nooks and crannies, and it is impossible to keep either outside or inside clean.  Fortunately, the park allows us to wash our cars often!

Today was Arts in the Park, and many RV park residents showed their projects.  The resort has a terrific woodworking shop, with lots of wood turners and wood carvers.  They also have classes in wood burning, painting, and Swedish weaving.  There are several radio control (RC) airplane enthusiasts down here, and a few had their RC planes on display as well.





Despite a bit of overcast skies, we did the spa and pool for an hour, and it sure helps the aches and pains of aging.  Both of us are having back pains/spasms, even though the humidity has dropped.

All in all, today was a great day.

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