Saturday, February 18—A Day in the Park

Sunshine.  Yes, we awoke to sunshine this morning.  During our morning walk, it was amazing seeing the increased activity, and upswing in people’s moods, even though people down here are pretty happy all the time.  There was just something in the air.  Strong winds accompanied the sunshine today, with gusts of over 50 miles per hour.  One could not even set a partially full, canned diet drink down without a chance it would be blown over by these strong gusts.  However, we’re not complaining because the sun feels so good.

Kay took advantage of the great weather to drive east to Don WesIMG_2256B Flea Market and other shopping looking for a pair of shoes, and I hung around the motorhome working on the blog.  After lunch, the ladder ball tournament was held, and a lot of park residents participated.  Did we tell you that this is a very active RV park, with mostly RVs and a bit of a younger crowd?  Seems like there is always something going on.

IMGP0249BKay and I squeezed in an hour of spa and pool time, and had a great visit with fellow RVers from Alabama who are at the start of a 10-month trip, then met other neighbors at the palapa for social hour.  This afternoon we met a newly retired couple from upstate New York, both having been educators.  They volunteered with an organizations that supports an orphanage in Reynosa, Mexico, with children ranging in age from 2 years to 22 years.  In Mexico, children go to prison with their mother until age 6, so the orphanage does its best to rescue these kids from the prisons.  Many have been so unloved that they are almost catatonic, but relish the attention given by orphanage volunteers.  Reynosa is an industrial town, with many electronics factories like Nokia, but has residential areas that are no more than cardboard shacks with no electricity and no water.  Oh well, enough sad stories.

We also visited with a lady form Prince Edward Island, another from Newfoundland, and another from Nova Scotia, and picked their brains about best times to go, what to see, etc.  We’re considering a short trip, maybe 3 weeks, to the Canadian Maritime Provinces late this summer after another new grandbaby is born, Jenny and Brian’s first, but before all the birthdays start cycling in late September through mid-October (Kay, Karyn, Jenny, Kaden, and Ridge).

Tonight was playing card bingo, and Kay made it to the “stand up” stage once, but didn’t win.  I remained in the motorhome, and read.

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