Friday, February 17—Mexico

IMGP0241BIt’s raining again today, but Kay said to heck with it and that we were going to Mexico.  We drove almost the same route as yesterday, but detoured past Pine to Palm RV Park where we stayed in January 2008, and again in January through mid-March 2009, then drove on to the border at Progresso.  We parked just north of the International Bridge, saw the border fence, paid our 2 bits ($0.25), and crossed into Mexico.  Because of drug cartel activities, the State Department has issued an advisory warning US citizens not to travel in Mexico, though we felt perfectly safe in Progresso.



Our first stop was at the Pharmacia to pick up meds.  We typically buy Z-packs, amoxicillin, doxycycline, and some penicillin cream at the Mexican Pharmacia to carry when we travel.  IMGP0245BWe left the bags of pharmaceuticals there and began a shopping spree that included purses (a lady grabbed the one Kay liked right before Kay could get it, so Kay was left empty handed), shoes (no luck here, either), a grizzly bear sow with two cubs carved out of iron wood, woven plastic bags (Kay bought two), a western hat (I sort of look like George Strait when I wear it), tortillas, and lunch at Arturo’s.  We just happened by an open-air tortilla “factory”, and the man saw the look of hunger on my face and brought a hot tortilla—Kay and I shared it, and my, oh my, it was the best one I have ever eaten.  We saw them for sale so Kay ordered one dollar’s worth.  We got a kilo of tortillas, probably about 50, and they were still war, all for $1.

IMGP0246BBecause of the rain, the roads and streets were quite muddy.  The street shown in the photograph had about 1/8 inch of mud on top.  Many of the secondary roads in both Mexico and South Texas are not paved, and because the area is typically very dry, dust settles upon everything; now it has turned into mud.

Back at the RV, Kay took off for the spa to soothe her back spasms, and said it helped a lot.  We joined folks in the palapa again for social hour; these are really enjoyable as we get to meet and know lots of people.

Our 7:00 PM Friday night show was Gordy and Debbie from Branson, Missouri.  They used performance tracks (CD based instruments, etc.) and sang country western tunes, and hit songs from the 50s through the 90s.  He had a good voice, and hers was average, but they put on a good show, though there was too much talking and not enough singing.

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