Thursday, February 16—Rain, and the Outlet Mall

Rain is forecast for today, again.  So this means a trip to the Outlet Mall today—just my good fortune!  A trip to Mexico had been planned, but the weather is to iffy. 

Kay coveted a trip to the outlet mall, just east of Mercedes, Texas—about a 35 minute drive for us.  We arrived about 11:15 AM to find the mall a bit sparse.  We walked every section, and it seemed like  we peered into every store.  Kay found some great Merrill sandals, a rain jacket for Ridge, and a lamp for the motorhome.

IMGP0239BBack at the RV, she capped and sliced the huge strawberries from yesterday.  Somehow, she is having spasms in her back, maybe from sitting in a folding chair in the damp weather too long.  consequently, we took advantage of the spa, which greatly relieved the pain.

We are becoming regular members of the 4:00 PM palapa social hour, and enjoyed visiting with several new folks from our “circle”.  It seems that today the US delegation outnumbered the Canadians, and there were 3 couples from the south:  Arkansas, Alabama, and Florida; we 3 couples were the only ones who did not talk funny.  We should note, though, that we really like our Canadian friends; this is the friendliest RV park in which we’ve ever stayed.

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