Wednesday, February 15—Overcast and Overshadowed

We can’t seem to win the battle of wanting more sunshine, yet it remains hard to complain after the severe drought folks in the Rio Grande Valley have suffered.  Out of 15 days, we’ve had rain about 10 of them, with more forecast for the next several days.  These fronts are setting up in Mexico and blowing through the southern Rio Grande Valley.

The fresh fruits and vegetables are awesome and the fresh strawberries make for a wonderful breakfast addition.  And, pineapple is one of my favorite fruits.  Last time we were down in the Valley, I ate so much pineapple that a rash developed!IMGP0233B

With cloudy skies, and some light rain, we didn’t venture out except for an emergency run to Walmart; Kay is scheduled to sing at the talent show tonight and wanted a jewel case for the CD performance track, and a permanent marker to label the CD.  The strawberries looked too good to pass up—a sale for the huge dipping berries that didn’t sell for Valentine’s Day. Also, there were loads of gardening supplies as spring has sprung in the Rio Grande Valley.

The talent show proved to be a bust, and was more of a risqué comedy show with several skits and some really average to bad music by the jammers.  Gosh, we are appreciating Baxter County music more and more.  Fortunately, they “forgot”  to call Kay’s name to come and sing, but it was for the best as she was so much better than anyone else.  She has some great Anne Murray songs ready, though, for next time!

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