Saturday, February 4—The Flea Market and Friends

Chef McDonald cooked our breakfast today; he sure gets around.

IMGP0187BWe drove to Donna, Texas, to the Don Wes Flea Market.  This Flea Market is by no means the largest at which we’ve shopped, but it is by far the junkiest!  There are a few good items, like Rada knives, but a lot of it is nothing but junk—I suppose that’s what real flea markets are for.  Also, one can see a cross-section of North America Texas there including Canadians from their west coast to the east coast, folks from just about every state in the USA, and a few people from Mexico.  (NOTE:  the violence in Mexico is much worse than we had imagined. Many Latinos from the US that travel to Mexico are being kidnapped and killed or kidnapped and used to carry drugs across the border to the US.  Mexican nationals, for the most part, do not travel via automobile to the US for fear of being kidnapped or killed as they travel Mexican roads and highways.  Rather, an increasing number are flying to the US for their shopping excursions as more and more small commercial flights are Inside the Don Wes Flea Market, Donna, Texasavailable.)  Back to the flea market.  Kay bought a couple of pineapples, a couple of Rada knives, and a few kitchen things.  (NOTE:  for those of you from our hometown of Bradford, Mrs. Rena Hickman used to sell Rada knives as a fundraiser for the Eastern Star, and my mom would use them until nothing much was left of the blade.)

After the Don Wes Flea Market, we drove to Paradise South RV Park to visit friends Jim and Cheryl from Republic, Missouri.  It sure was good to see them and visit after such a long absence; we last saw them at an RV rally in Branson in June 2011.  We caught up on kids and grandkids, and summer and fall RV trips.  We consider Jim and Cheryl to be among our favorite RVing couples, and hope to do some bluegrass festivals with them this coming year.

We departed Jim and Cheryl’s place just after the lunch hour, and drove west to Bentsen Palm Village RV Park.  Along the way, it began raining, and the temperature was dropping like a lead weight, from 84 degrees to 64 degrees in just a couple of hours.  We had a late lunch, a quiet afternoon, and watched some recorded television for the evening, though Kay did take a break for some serious girl shopping.

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