Friday, February 3—Getting Comfortable

Cooking was the chore of the morning—I cooked breakfast outside using an electric burner (hot plate) and Kay cooked a hamburger/eggplant dish using the electric skillet.  As she was cooking, I walked the trash all the way to the end of the RV park, at least a quarter of a mile, and visited with other RVers on the way back.
After lunch, I spent a couple of hours at the pool and spa while Kay drove into Mission for a pedicure which was much less expensive than at home.  Mountain Home charges a high price on a number of items including personal care and health-related services, taking advantage of the largely blue-collar resort community.  Pedicures there are $30 compared to $25 in Little Rock and $20 here in the Rio Grande Valley, and men’s haircuts are $12 compared to $8-10 elsewhere.  Guess one has to pay for their thrills.
IMG_3000BAt 4:00 PM, Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort hosted the Link Family, a bluegrass, gospel, and evangelizing family from Lebanon, Missouri.  It was one of the best programs we’ve seen in the Valley, with some awesome talent, particularly the “kids” playing their various bluegrass instruments—mandolin, fiddle, and banjo.
At 6:00 PM, we drove to Alamo Bell RV Park in Alamo, Texas, for a dance, sharing 3 tables with our dance instructor, his wife, and other Winter Texans.  We sat next to a very nice, full-timing couple originally form the Minneapolis area, and he and I shared a common bond of being prostate cancer survivors, after having had the same kind of surgery.
It was late when we arrived back at the RV, ending another full day of activities in the Rio Grande Valley.

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