Sunday, February 5—A Diverse Church

The weeks are rolling by quickly, and today is going-to-church day again.  The particular church we decided to attend, First United Methodist Church in Mission, has 3 services:  a contemporary service at 8:00 AM, a praise and worship service at 9:00 AM, and a traditional service at 11:00 AM, with Sunday School at 10:00 AM.  We opted for the  praise and worship service.  Mission First United Methodist Church, Mission, TexasWhen we arrived the parking lot was practically full, but we found a space that someone was vacating.  As we entered the foyer, we noted how packed the 8:00 AM contemporary service was, and were quite surprised.  Of course, many of the attendees, mostly of the older white variety, were Winter Texans.  The 9:00 AM service was a totally different service, with a very sparse and diverse congregation; we were among the minority as most were Hispanic with a few black attendees.  There was a lot of music, and the combination music leader and piano/keyboard player was extraordinarily good, really jazzing up some of the more traditional songs.  The message of the day was from Isaiah, and quite simple, based on the often misinterpreted word “wait” as used in the book of Isaiah, meaning to serve, e.g. WAITer, WAITress, WAIT tables, etc.  Another interesting, but ominous thing—the minister asked for prayers for his gardener’s friend who was kidnapped in Mexico, and no one has heard from the man since.  They suspect he was killed, is being held for ransom, or will be used to run drugs across the border to save his life.  Things really are worse in Mexico than we assumed.  We stopped by the coffee bar after the service, staffed by a couple from Lawton, OK, who are fellow RVers that had been coming to the Valley as Winter Texans for over 10 years, and attending this church for that long. 

The Rio Grande Valley received two inches of rain last night, and It continues to rain, with rain in the forecast for the next 7 days.  It’s hard to complain as this part of Texas is desperately in need of rain, and is still in serious a drought.

As we watched the last of the super bowl, we heard a helicopter flying the border right near us for a couple of hours.  I looked out once and could barely see its lights.  Folks down here have told us the Border Patrol flies completely dark often in an attempt to spot illegal aliens with infrared cameras.

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