Tuesday, January 31—Wrapping It Up in Aransas Pass

We leave this area tomorrow, heading further south to Mission, Texas, in the Rio Grande Valley. 

IMG_2982BAfter our requisite coffee, email, and news, Kay demanded breakfast in bed, and being the servant husband, I obliged.  We called Carolyn today back in Mountain Home to wish her a happy birthday; we sang real loud as she must be a zillion years old—poor Dick!  Happy birthday, Carolyn, and God speed on recovery from your surgery.  We love you.

Bruce and Jeannie came by for all of us to surprise to Don and Kay from Independence, Missouri.  They were not to be found, and we discovered that a close relative had passed away, and they returned home.  We were sad to miss them, but will email them. 

IMGP0183We then drove around looking at pricey subdivisions, RV parks, and a place to have our real final get together before Kay and I leave.  We decided on The Big Fisherman.  Their outside had some beautiful flowers along the entrance.  On Tuesday’s, they have fried chicken livers, chicken gizzards, and chicken fried steak, with all the trimmings for lunch for $2.25.  Also, their margaritas were $0.99 until 4:00 PM.  A line was already forming at 10:30 AM.

We returned at 3:00 PM, and the lines has dissipated; Ginny met us at the door and escorted us to a table where Mark, Joana, and Jim were already seated.  IMG_2989BBruce and Jeannie joined us a few minutes later, and Bruce played catch-up on the margaritas IMG_2994Bwhich were plentiful, though I stuck with just plain ol’ water—poor Jeanie just had to sit in amazement.  Kay and I ordered the grilled fish, shrimp, and crab cake, while some others ordered the $2.25 special; we are limiting our intake of fried food—arrgh!  The food was good, and those who had the “all-you-can-eat” $2.25 special said their food was good as well.  When the bill came, several had a bar bills larger than their food bill, given the $0.99 margaritas and $2.25 dinner—go figure!

Kay and I returned to finish “packing” for the trip south tomorrow.

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