Monday, January 30—It’s A Small World

We awoke this morning to overcast skies, moderate temperatures, and the threat of rain. Today, for me, was a reading day as Kay took the other "girls" shopping in corpus Christie. I was elated about not going, and spending some quiet time in the RV.

Several days ago Jeannie commented as to how she liked Cajun food and I volunteered to cook Shrimp Creole for her and Bruce. Because this is our next-to-last evening in this part of South Texas, we had them over tonight for our first "dinner party" at the motorhome. After dicing onion, green pepper, celery, and garlic, I began sautéing the vegetables in the electric skillet outside. After adding the other ingredients, the Creole sauce was slowly cooked, and then the drizzle began. I moved the skillet under one of the slides and continued the slow cooking, but the drizzle continued at an increasing rate. Kay returned from her shopping trip and we moved our food preparation inside to the too small countertop.

Bruce and Jeannie arrived, in the rain. We talked and laughed a bunch, then had dinner. After dinner we talked some more, Bruce told a couple of funny stories, and Jeannie sang us a new Scottish ditty. It amazes us how they remember these things. In the course of conversation they mentioned the need to visit some other RVers, also Don and Kay, down here from Missouri. Kay and I looked at each other and I asked if they were from near the Kansas City area.  Bruce responded that they were, and we mentioned their last name, the type of 5th wheel trailer they had, and low and behold it was the same couple who were part of our caravan to Alaska in 2009—what a small world!  We plan to surprise them tomorrow.

After we said our good nights, Kay and I cleaned the kitchen and washed dishes, and then Kay read the rest of the evening.

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